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Hi!  Thanks for stopping by.  Here at Gay Dining we believe food brings people together.  And we strive to be a useful, quality resource on topics about:


  • Restaurants

  • Food

  • Chefs

  • Recipes

  • Destinations

  • Products 


Ever since we thought about this website, our mission, really, has been to highlight LGBTQIA-friendly fun stuff (surrounding food) for EVERYONE.  And while we're at it, offer ideas on where to spend food & dining dollar$.

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First, we want to be resourceful and informative about these industries.  Further, accurate and educational sources are increasingly harder to come by, particularly with LGBTQ-friendly reporting.

(If you agree and would like to help us expand this free resource, you can show support using the button above and to the right.)


Also, did you know overall LGBT buying power this year is expected to have reached $1 trillion (1)?  That's a lot...! 

LGBT households are a great target market with more spend  in food-specific categories.  For example, when buying coffee products online, LGBT households spend 69% more.  And we're 19% more likely to spend at health food stores (2). 


And when buying alcoholic products, annually we spend 48% more on wine, 35% more on liquor and 27% more on beer (2).  Also, 62% of U.S. consumers already expect brands to inclusive (3).


There are even more statistics around purchases in home, travel, pet and specialty food categories. 


Bookmark us, follow, say hello.  Welcome!


Gay Dining





(1)  nielsen.com

(2)  accenture.com

(3)  Adobe

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