First Nude Restaurant Opens in Paris

Paris by Keith Sherwood/Getty Creative

From the French Tribune:

Ever wanted to dine in the buff? Paris' new restaurant, O'Naturel, offers just such an experience.

Located on Rue de Gravelle in the 12th arrondissement, O'Naturel officially opened on Friday after an auspicious members-only evening on Thursday.

The new restaurant's managers, Mike and Stephane Saada, explained why they hosted the Paris Naturist Society exclusively on Thursday, saying, "They've supported us from the beginning, and we reserved our first soirée for them." According to the two, the attendees thoroughly enjoyed their evening.

When walking into the restaurant, the guests are requested to remove all their clothing in the wardrobe area before heading into the dining room, which hosts up to 40 people. Dinner comes to approximately €30.

O'Naturel's neighbors have embraced the concept of nude dining. As one local said, "We know what's happening. It's not a massage parlor."

At the moment, the Paris naturist movement is alive and well. So much so, that popular London naturist restaurant, Bunyadi, is planning to open a second location in the city of lights. Paris' first nudist park, in the eastern Bois des Vincennes, launched in August.

Additionally, naturist Parisians can head to the Roger le Galle pool to swim in their birthday suits three days a week. Greater France provides 460 places to revel in the nude, hosting, among other things, 155 camping locations and 73 sandy shores.

The France 4 Naturism Association counts 2.6 million French people who practice nudism regularly. Some French citizens are also known to strip naked during protests, as evidenced by recent censorship and gay rights demonstrations.

In fact, last year French tourist representatives used nudist sites to advertise to and draw in more British tourists.

An official from the nudist tourism campaign said at the time that while these spots are not as widely known as France's other attractions, like wine, food, and skiing, they can offer a new and interesting experience to tourists.

"It's not often you hear a friend say, 'I'm going to a nudist beach for my next holiday'," the representative noted.

Perhaps that's about to change.