Food is one of 9 Reasons Why Puerto Vallarta is a Favorite Gay Getaway During Winter Holidays

Casa Kimberly

As frigid temps descend upon North America and Europe in November, thousands of gay guys flock to the shores of Puerto Vallarta seeking some Latin heat. Located between the stunning Bay of Banderas and the lush Sierra Madre Mountains, Thanksgiving marks the beginning of the high season for Puerto Vallarta gay getaways.

Puerto Vallarta has it all for the LGBTQ traveler: crisp air, sunny weather all winter long, modern amenities and Mexican charm. And let’s not forget the boys are hot and the nightlife is wild.

If that’s not enough, here are nine more reasons we suggest a Puerto Vallarta gay getaway over the holidays. continues to report:

If that’s not enough, here are nine more reasons we suggest a Puerto Vallarta gay getaway over the holidays.

Puerto Vallarta is a culinary paradise.

Puerto Vallarta is home to over 350 restaurants, ranging from internationally renowned fine dining to mom-and-pop eateries offering unique delicacies and local dishes that have been handed down for generations. There are so many great restaurants that it’s hard to narrow down the best, but here are some great suggestions.

For breakfast and coffee, El Sofa Café has been a staple in the gay community for 12 years. It offers locally grown Mexican coffee, a variety of teas and made-to-order food including bagels, pancakes and sandwiches. Find delicious homemade sweets, treats and dark roasted Mexican coffee at Dee’s Coffee, just steps away from the pier. The health-conscious can find a balanced breakfast and a variety of smoothies at Salud Super Food.

For lunch or dinner, La Palapa is a no-brainer. Its beachfront location, attentive service and quality make up for the food being slightly overpriced. Swell Beach Club has good bites at affordable prices, and it’s long been popular with the gringo expat community. El Mole de Jovita on Basilio Badillo is owned by boyfriends Sergio & Robert, and they serve delicious traditional Mexican dishes.

For dinner, take a taxi or Uber to reach Bonito Kitchen. This new and stylish Asian-style restaurant features small plates that are perfect for sharing and hands down the best cocktails in town. The Swedes Restaurant and Bar is ideal for a lovely tablecloth dining experience, especially if you’re vacationing with a large group of friends.

Casa Kimberly, Elizabeth Taylor’s former Puerto Vallarta home, has an incredible ambiance, exceptional service and delicious food. The dress code is enforced, and a reservation is required. Even on busy nights you can always count on getting a table at Fajita Republic. Start with chips and salsa, which come in a cute little paper cornucopia, then move on to the extensive menu, which offers Tex-Mex classics and around 10 different fajitas.

Bistro Teresa is a charming restaurant with an enchanting view of the bay and the cathedral. Basilio, with its extended patio, offers excellent Italian food and has a great wine selection.

For late-night cravings, Pancho’s Takos are a must. The salsas are full-flavored and the tacos offer tender meat on delicious corn tortillas. I have been here — and I’m Mexican — so I can personally vouch for how amazing this place is.

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