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Charlotte Council Member Mayfield Cancels Gay Unfriendly Noble Smoke

Charlotte City Council member LaWana Mayfield announces official boycott of new, gay un-friendly restaurant over owner’s anti-LGBT views (he also owns King's Kitchen and Rooster's in Charlotte, and A Noble Grille in Winston-Salem).

qnotes reports:

Charlotte City Councilmember LaWana Mayfield has announced that she will be boycotting a new barbecue restaurant over its owners anti-LGBTQ views and activism.

Noble Smoke will be located at 2216 Freedom Drive, the owner, Jim Noble, having signed a lease earlier this month. He also owns Charlotte restaurants King’s Kitchen and Rooster’s, as well as A Noble Grille in Winston-Salem.

Noble was among nearly 100 religious leaders, business owners and activists who signed onto a letter asking City Council to vote against expanding the nondiscrimination ordinance to include LGBTQ protections.

It is this reason Mayfield cites for her intention to steer clear.

“As the District Representative I am happy for growth,” she wrote on Twitter, continuing, “as an OUT Queer Person of Color I will NEVER patronize this business as Noble is one of the signers against the fully inclusive non-discrimination ordinance.”

As the District Representative I am happy for growth, as an OUT Queer Person of Color I will NEVER patronize this business as Noble is one of the signers against the fully inclusive non-discrimination ordinance. https://t.co/OjoW1L9ipV See below: https://t.co/piJsHpoyzk

— LaWana Mayfield (@lawanamayfield) November 25, 2017

Jim Noble

The letter Noble signed was drafted by the Alliance Defending Freedom, the far right legal group defending the Colorado baker, Jack Phillips, who refused to make a cake for a same-sex wedding, in the so-called “religious freedom” case coming before the United States Supreme Court. The Southern Poverty Law Center has labeled it a hate group.

Noble’s views have also shown up quite visibly in at least one of his establishment’s, King’s Kitchen. As a profile from 2013 details:

A few minutes later, [Noble] slides a large, mounted poster from behind the banquette and props it up.

“WANTED: FOR THE KINGDOM OF GOD,” it shouts. “Drug addicts, alcoholics, prostitutes, pimps, all sick people, gangbangers, gamblers, strippers, AIDS victims, homosexuals, blind, confused, shoplifters, depressed, suicidal people, demon-possessed, and those who are unsaved and cursed by witchcraft.”

“Some of these are lifestyle choices. Some are afflictions. Doesn’t make a difference,” Noble says. “People in life go through tough times. They need help.”

Noble Smoke is expected to open next summer.

Pictured Above: Councilmember LaWana Mayfield has said she will not frequent Jim Noble's business. (Photo of Noble by Todd Sumlin, The Charlotte Observer, tsumlin@charlotteobserver.com)


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