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Fortnum & Mason Launches LGBT ‘Adam & Steve’ Valentine's Day Biscuits

From inews.co.uk, Fortnum & Mason has delighted customers with its Valentine’s Day iced biscuits celebrating same-sex relationships, so much so that the “Adam and Steve” tin has already sold out.

The biscuit range also includes a lesbian couple, “Eve and Niamh”, as well as the traditional Biblical version, “Adam and Eve”, according to PinkNews.

The garden of Eden-style biscuits, which went on sale last week, also appear to directly challenge the homophobic phrase, “It’s Adam and Eve, not Adam and Steve”. A spokesperson for Fortnum & Mason said they are delighted by the response the business has had to the new collection, adding that “Fortnum’s has always been for everyone, with excellent taste”.

The representation of same-sex relationships on Valentine’s day has only recently started to be used by mainstream brands.

Last year Sainsbury’s sold its first range of Valentine’s Day cards aimed at same-sex couples. Other companies, such as ice cream brand Ben & Jerry’s, have a history of publicly supporting LGBTQ rights. In 2012, the brand changed the name of its “Oh My! Apple Pie!” ice-cream to “Apple-y ever after,” showing a picture of two men on top of a wedding cake on the packaging, when the UK government first opened its consultation on how to give equal marriage rights to same-sex couples. It also banned people from being able to buy two scoops of the same flavour ice cream in Australia last year and encouraged people to sign a petition for marriage equality in the country as part of its campaign work on the issue.

Reported by Loulla-Mae Eleftheriou-Smith for inews.co.uk.


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