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Antoni Porowski Answers 5 Burning Questions

Antoni Porowski gay and bisexual chef

From Gay Pop Buzz:

If you have been watching the reboot of Queer Eye on Netflix, you have no doubt seen the super handsome Antoni Porowski. On the show, he’s one of the makeover guys who helps straight men relaunch their lifestyle and looks. In the hyperlink above, we shared a bit of a background piece on him as a way of introducing this television personality to readers.

Recently, Antoni offered an interview with the good folks at Entertainment Weekly. Given interest in the man, GPB thought it might be cool to share some of the highlights of their piece here. Quick bio: Birthday: March 14, 1984, Montreal, Canada Zodiac Sign: He’s a Pisces Man Height: 6:0 tall Eye Color: Deep brown chocolate Shoe Size: 10-wide (rumored)

Antoni Porowski shirtless

EW: What has been the public reaction been to the revival? “People get really emotional and want to hug you and tell you how much they enjoyed it. I’ve been randomly crying out of sheer joy.” EW: Are people sliding into your DM’s to hit on you? “I’d say 95 percent of it has been really kind words about my physical appearance. I am not an idiot. I’m very grateful to both my parents for giving me facial symmetry.” EW: Some viewers noticed you wore similar shirts in multiple episodes. “If I like something, I stick to it. I wore two if not three A Little Life T-Shirts, and four if not five Stroke T-Shirts. I’m OK with it.” EW: What do you want to say to those who criticize you for not being a chef? “Queer Eye isn’t a cooking show. Episode 3 isn’t about me teaching Cory how to master molecular gastronomy. It’s about me figuring out how he can better serve his family, and I think I achieved that. I’ve never tried to pretend that I was a chef.” My bachelor’s degree is in psychology; I studied fine arts, art history, and acting. I have lots of different passions, but I’ve always had a very intrinsic passion toward food. I’m not going to let any negative comments dissuade me from pursuing it, because I love it.”

EW: What’s our favorite way to eat an avocado? “For the record, I know I use it in two episodes – I’m not that avocado crazy. My favorite way: I cut it in half and I pour this raspberry walnut vinaigrette onto it and just eat it with a spoon.”

Reported by Conrad Braxton for Gay Pop Buzz .


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