Woman Says She Was Injured by Drag Queen's Breast & Sues Hamburger Mary's

Hamburger Mary's in Downtown Orlando

From Orlando Sentinel: A woman who said she was injured by a drag queen’s breast is suing the Hamburger Mary’s restaurant in Tampa, records show. In a civil complaint filed last month in Hillsborough County, Neldin Molina of Denver said she went to the restaurant May 30, 2015, for a friend’s birthday, unaware that there would be a performance. Hamburger Mary’s, a chain with several Florida locations, including one on Church Street in Orlando, is known for its drag shows. During the show, Molina said a performer grabbed her head and “wiggle[d] her breast against” Molina’s face and head “at least 8 times.” Molina said the performer then “violently” pounded her head against the performer’s chest “up to 9 times.” Molina said she later suffered “excruciating cervical pain and uncontrollable headaches.” Molina is seeking $1.5 million.

Reported by Jeff Weiner for Orlando Sentinel.