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Lesbian Couple Wins Online Fame For Romantic Prom Pictures at Taco Bell

From Dailymail.com: A teenage lesbian couple took their prom pictures at Taco Bell before the dance because it is their favorite fast-food joint - and the photo shoot has since gone viral.

Riley Papile and her girlfriend Abby Creneti hired a photographer to take their prom pictures before the dance at their high school in Horsham, Pennsylvania.

In honor of Riley's love for Taco Bell (and their empty stomachs), the couple decided to take part of their pictures at their favorite fast-food chain ahead of the dance on May 25.

'I eat at tacos probably five days a week on average,' Riley told PEOPLE. 'I am not proud of it, but man those tacos are good.'

The couple already wanted to incorporate tacos into their pictures because of how Abby asked Riley to the junior prom, which was held in April.

Abby, who is a junior at Hatboro-Horsham High School, asked her girlfriend to her prom with a sign that read, 'Ry, taco 'bout prom?'

Their photographer, Rachel Beck, came up with the idea to take the shoot to Taco Bell, which neither teen opposed.

So on the day of the shoot, they dressed up in floor-length dresses, makeup and styled hair before heading to a local Taco Bell.

Abby (right) asked Riley to her junior prom
Abby Creneti
Riley Papile

During the shoot, the couple shared tacos and quesadillas while laughing about the bizarre looks they were getting from onlookers.

Riley, who is known by most of the Taco Bell employees, even jumped behind the counter for part of the shoot.

On social media, people were commenting on the creativity of the photo shoot and how touched they were by their LGBT relationship.

Taco Bell even retweeted their photo shoot calling the couple the 'Queens of Taco Bell'.

But Riley admitted to Fox News that the people in the fast-food chain were not impressed by the dressed-up couple.

'We got a lot of weird stares from customers as we were both in gowns in a fast food restaurant,' she said.

Overall, it was a fun experience for the couple who are now turning their sights on the senior prom to be held later this month.

Reported by Danielle Zoellner for Dailymail.com.


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