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This Restaurant is Like Gay Summer Theatre Camp Every Single Night

From Gay Star News: Imagine a world ran by gay men and straight women. It probably wouldn’t be a bad thing – at least better than what we’ve got now.

Now imagine a restaurant ran by theatre kids – mostly made of gay men and straight women.

That is what SingEasy, a sing-along party and dining experience, serves every single night.

Presented by the Piano Works West End, you sit down for dinner. They offer a two-course pre-theatre menu from £15 per person or the two-course dinner menu from £21 per person with a bottomless prosecco option for an additional £20pp.

While the food is standard pub fare like fish and chips and shepherds pie, they offer vegan options for nearly every meal.

But what’s different is the talent that’s serving you the food.

Every single waiter is an up-and-coming West End star. Despite serving drinks and food all evening, each one still had the energy to get up there and hit every note.

The songs aren’t picked by them either, they’re picked by the audience.

Each table has a pad that allows you to pick a song for the waiters, pianist or other performers to sing.

Expect cheesiness galore. You’ll hear a lot of Disney, a lot of 90s classics, and a lot of musical theatre.

The cheesiness is a part of the fun. You will feel transported to a theatre summer camp, and every one there is just ready to entertain you.

And it’s not amateur either. Each song is delivered with an amazing voice. You might hear Elsa (her real name) belting out Let It Go or Scott sing a beautiful jazz standard.

You can book a table here.

Reported by Joe Morgan for Gay Star News.


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