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Jolt Coffee Company Debuts at The Gay & Lesbian Community Center

From Eater Las Vegas: Providing the “‘Jolt’ you need to conquer your day,” a new quick, casual dining option has debuted at The Gay and Lesbian Community Center of Southern Nevada downtown.

The third coffee shop in the last two years to take over the 600-square-foot space, The Jolt Coffee Co. is a sequel to the eastside’s popular Tiabi Coffee & Waffle Bar.

The Jolt replaces the Little Rainbow Cafe created by Main Street and Downtown Summerlin’s MTO Cafe. The restaurant lasted less than six months at the venue.

Featuring longer hours than its predecessors, the counter-service restaurant is open to everyone, not just visitors to The Center.

In addition to the caffeine-packed options, The Jolt serves a full collection of beverages, including a pistachio latte, the “coconut cooler” made with cane sugar, green tea, and lemonade and the “caramel monkey frappe,” prepared with a banana, cream, coffee, and caramel sauce.

Featuring vegan and gluten-free dishes, a potato chowder and salads, the main attraction is a collection of “toasted sammies,” described as “happy melty experience” served on multi-grain or ciabatta bread.

The Jolt Coffee Co., 401 S. Maryland Parkway, 702-844-8945. Open Monday to Friday from 9 a.m. to 7 p.m.

Reported by Bradley Martin for Eater Las Vegas.


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