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Celebrate Pride Month With These Rainbow Cakes

“Cuppy,” the official Pride dessert from Sprinkles
We've been a firm believer that food can unite. And June is usually recognized as the official Pride month around the world. When it arrives we get to see new food incarnations recognizing this special time and these bright and thoughtful desserts are a welcome sight.

From Houstonia: For some of these festive desserts, a portion of proceeds go toward nonprofits and progressive causes.
For me, Pride Month is about continuing my education about LGBTQ issues, renewing my support for charities and foundations associated with these causes, and being a vocal ally to my friends and family members that identify as gay, bisexual, and/or transgender. But as one prone to eating my feelings, I also like to honor Pride via a month-long feast of rainbow-colored baked goods. Fortunately, there are no shortage of ROYGBIV cake options in Houston to celebrate all things LGBTQ. Here’s an extensive but by no means comprehensive round-up:
Dessert Gallery Bakery & Cafe

The Unicorn cake, whose multi-colored sprinkles in my book count as a form of “rainbow,” is a regular option on Dessert Gallery’s menu, but during June the bakery is also offering assorted rainbow cupcakes and petit fours. Frosting not your thing? Its PRIDE chocolate-dipped pretzel sticks and Oreos are equally loud and proud.


Barnaby’s offers its towering rainbow layer cake by the slice year-round. Featuring a fluffier, less sweet icing than other versions around town, this never-garish, always good wedge can be comfortably consumed in one sitting without inducing food coma.


“Cuppy,” the bakery’s official Pride cupcake, features a birthday cake cupcake with a colorful interior core of spherical sprinkles that unleash in festive fashion when you bite into the treat. Sprinkles also vends a rainbow layer cake, which is not sold by the slice, so, oh darn, you have to take home the entire delectable 8-inch confection. These sweets also come with a side of philanthropy, because once again Sprinkles is donating a portion of the profits from the PRIDE items to The Trevor Project.

Three Brothers Bakery

A vibrant variety of rainbow baked goods will be on hand throughout June at Three Brothers Bakery, including a seven-strata rainbow cake. For every rainbow cake purchased, 3 Brothers will be donating $1 to AIDS Foundation Houston, and for every rainbow cake slice, it will donate $.50.

Reported by Joanna O'Leary for Houstonia.


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