Absolut Vodka & Bowen Yang Want to Save LGBTQ+ Bars & Restaurants

Swedish brand Absolut Vodka continues a decades-long show of support for the LGBTQ+ community. This year, ahead of June Pride Month and through their 'Out & Open' campaign, the brand is aiming to help LGBTQ bars succeed and remain open.

For over 40+ years, the vodka company has claimed to be an ally to the community and 'Out & Open' is another show of support. More below.

Absolut Vodka 'Out and Open'

'Out and Open' has gathered personal stories shared about LGBTQ bars and spaces that have had positive impacts on individuals.

The emphasis is that these physical locations help bring a community together. They allow people to meet and cross paths when they normally wouldn't have. Or, allow individuals to meet new friends and extended family when relocating to a new city or town.

These personal stories are posted on the 'Out and Open' website. Each time you listen to one of the real-life stories, Absolut will donate $1 to NGLCC (National LGBT Chamber of Commerce). The partnership's goal is preservation of LGBT bars and spaces.

Bowen Yang in gay bar
Bowen Yang (Photo: Bronson Farr)

SNL's Bowen Yang is partnering with Aboslut on the campaign's launch. On the website he shares his personal story about NYC's Eastern Bloc, now permanently closed.

'Out and Open' runs from April 25th, 2022 through June 30th, 2022. Absolut is donating $175,000 to NGLCC and for every listen to one of the personal stories, they're adding an additional $1 each time, up to a $200,000 maximum donation.

Check out the stories and tell us what you think. Or share one of your own!