Getting To Know Gay Chef & 'Say I Do' Star Gabriele Bertaccini

Out gay chef Gabriele Bertaccini, 34, was born and raised in Florence, Italy. He's a culinary graduate of Buontalenti Institute of Culinary Arts and Management. Gabriele also studied journalism and public relations at the University of Arizona.

He's had the good fortune to cook for Cher, Oprah and Bill and Hillary Clinton. Recently, he told Instinct Magazine that Cher's favorite meal from him was Gnocchi al Pomodoro Mozzarella, a potato gnocchi made from scratch.

Bertaccini has also enjoyed recent fame as one of three hosts on Netflix's Say I Do, a lifestyle and makeover reality show involving surprise weddings. His role is bringing together the food component to the wedding receptions as well as offering human connection to each episode's participants. In the first episode, Gabriele connected to a vulnerable groom. He opened up about being HIV positive when the groom had shared concerns about being diabetic.

Prior to Netflix, Gabriele started two catering companies: Il Tocco Food (now Gabriele Bertaccini Experiences) and Culinary Mischief, an underground dining event company that started in Phoenix and expanded to Los Angeles, London and New York. Culinary Mischief created dining experiences that offered the guests invitations where they were not told the location, the menu or the guest list.

Say I Do is from the Queer Eye for the Straight Guy producing team. In addition to Gabriele, the other two hosts are interior designer Jeremiah Brent and fashion designer Thai Nguyen. There are currently eight episodes for streaming on Netflix and it's a definite add for your Netflix "My List" que.

Today Bertaccini resides in Los Angeles with his four Australian Shepherd canines.