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Instagram Star Leslie Jordan's Sweet Iced Tea Recipe

Leslie Jordan, 65, rose to fame through his roles on Will & Grace, American Horror Story and Hearts Afire. He's also set to star in the upcoming Fox series Call Me Kat starring Mayim Bialik.

Most recently, however, Jordan has been creating a sort-of quarantine journal on Instagram offering humor and garnering him a lot of attention and new followers. At the time of this writing he has 4.9 million followers.

One of his posts he shares his sweet iced tea recipe. He jokes about being raised to love family, Jesus and iced tea and about storing his Lipton tea bags in a Fortnum & Mason cookie tin.

Leslie's recipe for sweet iced tea:


8 Lipton tea bags

1/3 cup sugar




Bring a pot of water to a rolling boil. Add 4 tea bags each to 2 wide-mouth, quart-sized Mason jars. Fill both jars with water, cover with lids and steep for five minutes. Then divide the sugar between the two jars. Add desired

amount of ice. Enjoy.

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