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Free LGBT+ Children's Books Delivered With Deliveroo Food Orders

Pride month includes children, too. And UK restaurant delivery app Deliveroo has partnered with an LGBT+ children's book author to include a free children's book focusing on Pride and what that encompasses. More below...

LGBTQ+ author Olly Pike (photo: Deliveroo)

Ahead of World Pride Month, which starts on 1 June, Deliveroo has announced a partnership with Leon to educate children about LGBT+ communities.

Whenever someone orders a dish through the app from the healthy fast food chain, the order will also include a special gift: a free book written by LGBT+ children’s author and illustrator, Olly Pike.

There are two books up for grabs, including Kenny Lives with Erica and Martina – a story that aims to teach children about diversity, equality and acceptance, as well as Prince Henry – a gay fairytale romance.

The offer will run throughout the month of June, and is available in London, Manchester and Brighton – which some would say is the unofficial home of Pride (even though festivals take place across the country).

Olly Pike wrote about his book Kenny Lives with Erica and Martina for Metro.co.uk recently, saying that ‘The book sends the message that everyone is welcome, and the idea is to inspire every child to stand up against injustice.’

He added: ‘Every child is born without prejudice and hate. Part of being a kid is learning to understand the different types of people in the world around you – and specifically, in modern society, this means that even though we are all different, we are all equal.’

The Deliveroo and Leon initiative comes following the government’s decision to make relationship education compulsory for all primary age pupils as of September this year, as well as due to results from a recent study which revealed that 13% of children are bullied because of their sexuality.

However, the books are only available with selected meals, so be sure to double-check your order before you pay.

Speaking of the initiative, Olly said: “I can’t thank LEON and Deliveroo enough for helping me to deliver a positive message of LGBT+ acceptance.

‘Pride month may be a little different this year, but together we can still share stories of equality and kindness to help encourage a brighter future for everyone.’

Reported by Almara Abgarian for Metro.co.uk.


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