LGBT Engagement Photos - With Nachos


This lesbian couple have taken the cutest engagement photos – with nachos

Everyone's self-control is tested when it comes to nachos

This same-sex couple may have taken the best engagement photos ever.

Krista Doyle and her partner Kelly explained to PopSugar they were searching for locations when the idea came about.

‘I just said, “We should do a few at Chili’s!” because Kelly and I both love food,’ she said.

Chili’s is an Tex-Mex style American restaurant. Krista confirmed again in a tweet it is one of her favorite places to eat.

Chili’s themselves saw the tweet of the pictures. They asked for the couple to DM them because they wanted to send the couple some gifts.

Is there any way we can get on this free-food deal?

Krista also explained in the interview how the couple met. She said: ‘We met on set of a web series our mutual friends were making called ‘The Bacheloresbian,’ which is a lesbian parody of The Bachelorette.

‘We were both “contestants,” but I fell for her instantly and asked her on a date two days later.’

The couple together run an Instagram account where ‘favorite childhood garbage foods, into adult-ier gourmet-ish foods.’