North Texas Food Bank Hosts Massive Food Distribution at Fair Park

Texas Nation Guards at food bank
Texas National Guard at North Texas Food Bank

One of our goals is promoting good will efforts within the food and restaurant industry. Today, we're reporting one of many going on in greater Texas.

On Tuesday, August 11th, the North Texas Food Bank (NTFB) will be hosting a food distribution event at Fair Park in Dallas. This will be the fourth such event aiming to help hungry citizens affected by the coronavirus pandemic.

As of the week ending July 31st, NTFB has hosted more than 165 various mobile food distribution events. They've incorporated a low-to-no-touch distribution method by offering boxes of food to be handed out, versus individual items.

Texas National Guard troops had been helping with distribution but recently finished their mission on July 22nd.

The NTFB is considered critical infrastructure. No official ID is required to accept food, however, a self-identifying form is required to be filled out.

More information about the North Texas Food Bank and how to volunteer can be found at

The event begins at 8am and ends at 11am though a line is expected to form beginning at 7am.

If driving thru the event, residents are told to enter Fair Park through Gate 2 at Parry and Haskell. Look for signs directing you to Lots 15 and 16 for food pick up.

If walking through the event, residents are told to enter Fair Park through the DART Fair Park Station and pick up food between the Women's Building and Gate 3.