A Classic Tequila Refresher Drink Recipe

Warmer weather or quarantine blues may inspire you to try a new cocktail recipe. Consider a tequila classic - the Paloma...

The Paloma gives you sweet, sour, salt and carbonation and is the most popular tequila-based cocktail in Mexico. Think simple and easy. Think sunshine, spring and summer and perfectly balanced refreshment. The exact origin of the Paloma is disputed but is estimated to have started in the mid-1800's in Mexico. Here is our recipe & brand recommendations:


Sea salt (Redmond Real Salt, Hain Iodized Sea Salt or fine Himalayan Pink Salt)


1 1/2 ounces blanco tequila (Corzo Silver or Espolón Tequila Blanco)

3 1/2 ounces grapefruit sparkling water (Spindrift Grapefruit Sparkling Water)

Lime wedge to garnish


Use juice from the lime to salt the rim of a highball or rocks glass. Fill with ice. Pour tequila first over the ice, then grapefruit sparkling water. Lightly stir and garnish with the lime. Enjoy.

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