Visiting Whole Foods Market Manhattan West at Hudson Yards

We recently visited the newest Whole Foods Market location in Manhattan. Whole Foods Manhattan West opened on July 17th and is the 14th New York City location.

Over 60,000 square feet houses a maze of organic and natural food options within this Hudson Yards adjacent location. The official address is 450 W 33rd Street and is in a renovated, revamped and unrecognizable former Manhattan West Side concrete eyesore building from 1969.

Whole Foods is at the base of this 15 story building that is part of the Manhattan West complex within the overall Hudson Yards development area.

Getting here is an easy walk from either Penn Station, the 34th Street-Hudson Yards subway station or from the Jacob K. Javitz Convention Center.

There are three main points of access:

  • Off of 10th Avenue at the SE corner of W 33rd Street.

  • From W 33rd Street between 9th and 10th Avenues.

  • From the Eugene and Manhattan West courtyard plaza off of 9th Avenue between 33rd and 34th Streets.

There's also a few things that make this location unique. First, there are products offered from over 200 local suppliers. Finding locally-sourced products at Whole Foods locations is a bonus for unique finds.

(Photos, Gay Dining LLC)

Next, this location has an American Cheese Society Certified Cheese Professional on staff. They're available to offer advice and suggestions for specific requests and special occasions.

There's also a selection of vendors within the store including Jajaja (vegan Mexican cuisine), Matchaful (matcha lattes), Sunscoop (plant-based ice cream) and Café Grumpy for brewed coffee, espressos and cappuccinos.

What we enjoyed most on the summer day of our visit were the outdoor seating options. There are tables, chairs and benches along and near the Manhattan West courtyard plaza entrance. And there are trees offering shade.

There's also an outdoor, second level patio that overlooks 33rd Street and 19th Avenue with glimpses of the High Line and the Neiman Marcus* entrance to the Shops at Hudson Yards. *UPDATE: Neiman Marcus at Hudson Yards is now permanently closed.

You can access the second level patio from the upward stairwell on W 33rd Street, from the Manhattan West plaza or as you exit through the Whole Foods door in the prepared hot food and salad bar section. The views are eye-catching and there was just enough greenery and shade to make it a welcome respite from Manhattan's west side concrete jungle.

There's so much more on offer here, too, like grown-in-store mushrooms, their West Side Corner cocktail bar and the grab-and-go meals, snacks and beverages at the street level convenience style market.

Free 2-hour delivery is also available to Amazon Prime members (Amazon is Whole Foods' parent company). Prime members also receive an additional 10% off of sale-priced items.

Whole Foods Manhattan West
Whole Foods Manhattan West (Photo, Gay Dining LLC)

If you're a nearby chef and need some quick, locally-sourced ingredients for your recipe then this is the place to go. If you're a fan of Whole Foods, looking for some local unique grocery finds or simply looking for place to grab a break with a good meal or coffee then make Whole Foods Market Manhattan West a stop on your next visit to this part of the island.